Homeowners’ Association, do you agree or disagree?


Home Owner’s Association (HOA) can give a good benefits and consequences depending on your purpose, preference and the quality of HOA. Not all HOA have the same benefits and rules and regulation. However, more homeowners prefer to live in an HOA because of the following reasons and below I listed some of the pros and cons of having an HOA.


  • Community appearance – If your property is within HOA there would be standards that you need to comply to avoid being penalized for your violation this include but not limited to unkempt lawns, peeling off paints or garishly painted house which can improve your community’s appearance.
  • Property maintenance – Some HOA provide services like lawn care, trash and snow removal are handled by the HOA which can save you time and energy in maintaining the property. Be sure to attend the HOA meeting to know what are your benefits as part of the community.
  • Association management – If you have problem with your Neighbor’s dog barking, loud party, or the something related, you can contact HOA and they will take care of it for you so you don’t have to go out to your neighbor.
  • Recreational amenities – Since you are part of the community you are free to access its amenities such as playing fields, sports courts, swimming pool, tennis, community center and others depending on what else are included.


  • Property personal preference – Some HOA has a design review board to which can decide if the changes you want to apply is approved or not. There are also rules on many HOA about what type of vehicles you can parked on your property which compromises your preference.
  • Business preference – If you are looking to open a business at your own home or decided to rent out your home for any reasons, you need to get an approval with the HOA whether they would allow it or not.
  • HOA fees are not tax deductible – Since HOA is a private corporation and not part of government or any charitable institutions, they are not considered as tax deductibles.
  • HOA can foreclose your property – There are HOA has an ability to foreclose your property for not paying your dues or fines resulting from CCR violations.


Since we now have the idea of what are the pros and cons of HOA, it is best to know what are the things you need to consider when deciding to own a home that has HOA. Below are some tips you can apply.

  1. Learn the HOA’s Rules and regulations– Before considering to buy a property check what are the rules and regulations involved on its HOA for you to assess if it will not compromise your personal preference and interest.
  1. Make sure you buy a Home that is HOA Compliant – Before you buy, check if it is already complaint with HOA to avoid any hassle caused by having a property that did not met HOA’s standards.
  1. Learn their fees – HOA fees depends on each community so make sure to ask the following questions.
  • How are the HOA fee increases set?
  • How often the fee does increase and how much it usually raised?
  • How large is the HOA reserved fund?
  • What are the services covered in your monthly dues?
  1. Consider the HOA fees on your short and long term finances – Having an HOA has enclosed responsibility on paying its monthly dues. Make sure to consider your financial capability if you can keep up with fee considering your short term and long term finances.

So what do you think about Homeowners’ Association, do you agree or disagree? Is there any thing you want to share about your experiences with HOA? Please let me know and I want to hear your story. Please feel free to comment below.


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